The Art of Convergence and the role of Governance

Chempap helps its customers increase their intangible assets value through the value creation induced by the art of Convergence and the role of good Governance.

The Art of Convergence

All aspects of business have an impact on a series of stakeholders. The main stakeholders are definitely the shareholders, the lenders and all providers of funds. Inevitably, all undertaking, investment and financing has an impact on many other stakeholders, which are partially protected by laws. Complying to those laws has been satisfactory when the pace of business and communication was slow.

Today with the increased speed of communication, the stakeholders that have no financial interest in a business have more power given to them by the new media or by their sheer number. Therefore compliance is not enough and the art of convergence of the interests of the financial stakeholders and the non-financial stakeholders is becoming urgently necessary in many businesses. Mastering this art of convergence is pure value creation.

The Role of Governance

Chempap principals and partners will help businesses master this art of convergence of the stakeholders in order to create value by helping the Board of Directors put in place the proper tools in place.

Much of this is done by reaction and in order to comply with the new obligations imposed on Governance by the changes in the Principles, Rules and Regulations and guidance documents that have been put in place by the Dodd-Frank, Sarbannes Oxley and many responsible associations of Accountants and Directors. This proliferation of new rules has been frustrating for some and has created value for others.

In order to create value, Chempap will help businesses use this new tool, the art of convergence of the multiple stakeholders.

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Is the art of leadership of an organization in order to fulfill the expectation of its stakeholders.
Is the result of the art of helping stakeholders with varied Interests reach a consensus.