Project Finance

Today, a carefully engineered project financing is the preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects worldwide, and specifically in the developing nations.
Chempap will use its experience and creativity to help structure the Project, make it palatable and help find the limited recourse financing for project in the $100+ million

  • Validation of the feasibility
  • Project summary
  • Business Plan, Financial model and Cash Flow projections
  • Exporting the risks associated with the project
  • Contractual arrangement modeling and negotiation
  • Fund raising

M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions

A division of Chempap, Forac consists of a team of specialists ready to help you, from Seed Financing to your IPO, Merger or Acquisition.

  • Strategic Planning and Studies expanding our customer's knowledge of the North American Industry.
  • Analysis leading to acquisitions, mergers and joint-ventures (M&A)

Forac's procedure consists of defining an objective by understanding its customers' criteria and matching them with our database in order to select a list of target Companies.

Forac's function has been to coordinate for its customers the many tasks required in the good preparation and accomplishment of a successful financing and/or transaction:

Market analysis Asset/Goodwill evaluations Personnel evaluations and guidance
Financial reviews Global/Environment impact Government representation

Forac makes it a point to differentiate by assuring its customer a competitive service

All our costs and fees are transparent and with no surprise.
A Confidential Service, Customer Anonymity is guaranteed as a critical aspect of any transaction.

SRI, Socially responsible Investments

Whether it is for

  • Social Risk Avoidance and Mitigation,
  • Reputation enhancement,
  • Sales and Marketing Facilitation and Value Creation,
  • or simply for Genuine Concerns
  • or a combination of all these reasons,

Chempap can help your organization during the

  • Preliminary design of the project
  • Permitting
  • Planning Phase
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation of a Divestiture.

Chempap will help you define the SR concepts following a well refined methodology that facilitates the global stakeholder approval of your project and help you then Integrate these SR concepts in your Financial Decisions.

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Chempap-Forac participated in the first Private Project financing in Europe. The Greenfield Project closed in 1997 with Forac as a Project Advisory. Chempap further sold the project twice in 2003 and 2008.